Delbrook Surgical Centre

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 4:30pm
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Dr Alan Baggoo

My passion is definitely Orthopedic Trauma. That is where I can do the most good. Being able to restore a severely injured person back to normal is why I am an Orthopedic Surgeon. My elective practice focuses on the lower extremity. I am well known in B.C. for my advanced training in foot and ankle problems. I also perform a large number of hip and knee reconstructive procedures, including hip and knee replacement, and ACL reconstruction. I try to consider the entire limb – well…the entire person really – a poorly aligned femur, knee or tibia has dramatic effects on the function of the foot and ankle.

Specialty Operations
•Joint Replacement of hip, knee and ankle
•Arthroscopy of knee and ankle
•ACL reconstruction
•Complex reconstruction of the lower extremity
•Complex reconstruction of the foot and ankle including: •Ankle fusion and replacement
•Ankle ligament reconstruction
•Ankle arthroscopy
•Hindfoot fusion
•Post calcaneal fracture reconstruction
•Midfoot fusion
•Forefoot reconstruction