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Dr Peter Zarkadis

I dislocated my shoulder three times when I was 18 years old. I clearly remember the pain to this day. The available surgery at that time was primitive and scared me. I modified my activities and never dislocated again. I was motivated to want to help others with similar problems, and that experience changed my life and eventually directed the course of my career.

I find shoulder, elbow, and knee problems very challenging. They are often technically very difficult surgeries, but when done well, can have an immensely positive impact of the quality of life and function of the patient. I can mean that a patient gets back to the sport or activity they love to do.

Trauma is painful but not a problem to fix. I love reassembling broken bones. It is like working on a puzzle where the pieces don’t always fit. Nature, amazingly, takes care of the rest. It can be a truly rewarding experience to make a fracture or a break and all the associated pain disappear altogether, as if it never actually happened.