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Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgeons perform diagnostic, corrective and reconstructive surgeries relating to bones, ligaments and joints.

Arthroscopic Joint Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery allows the Orthopedic Surgeon to diagnose and treat some abnormalities within a joint. Arthroscopic surgery can be performed on most large joints of the body.

This minimally invasive technique is carried out through small incisions around the joint. A camera attached to a small scope displays images of the joint on a monitor. Operative instruments can be inserted through the small incisions to carry out the surgical procedure.

Most common surgeries offered at Delbrook Surgical Centre are:

• Shoulder Arthroscopy for diagnosis of symptoms and abnormalities
• Basic Arthroscopic Debridement for degenerative and other shoulder pathology
• Repair of Rotator Cuff Tears (Open and Arthroscopic)
• Acromioplasty & Debridement for some degenerative or mechanical shoulder difficulties
• Bankhart for stabilization of Shoulder Capsule tears, Chronic or Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation
• SLAP Repair (Superior Lateral Anterior to Posterior Repair), repair of Shoulder joint injury specific to the Labrum that surrounds the shoulder socket

• Knee Arthroscopy for diagnosis of symptoms and abnormalities
• Basic Arthroscopic Debridement for degenerative and other knee pathology
• Knee Arthroscopy with Meniscectomy or Meniscal Repair. Meniscectomy can be either Partial or Complete for torn Medial or Lateral Meniscus. Meniscal Repair is sometimes an option.
• Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACL Reconstruction). Repair of the ACL can be carried out Arthroscopically or as a combined approach. It usually involves a tendon graft taken from the Hamstrings or Patella Tendon

Ankle, Wrist and Elbow
• Arthroscopic diagnosis can be carried out on almost any joint. Debridement is the most common corrective procedure.

Hand Surgery

• Arthroplasty Thumb
• Surgeries on Wrist Joint and Scaphoid
• Carpal Tunnel Release
• Tendon Surgery
• Wrist Arthroscopy
• Fracture Stabilization

Foot Surgery

• Arthroscopy Ankle for diagnosis and debridement
• Fracture Stabilization
• Tendon Surgery
• Reconstruction of Fore, Mid and Hind Foot
• Bunionectomy
• Toe surgery
• Joint Fusion (Arthrodesis)

Minor Trauma and Fracture Surgery

• Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Fractures (ORIF) is a procedure that places bone fragments into proper alignment. It is referred to “open” as an incision is made over the fractured area. The incision is made to expose the bone fragments at which point the surgeon will realign the fragments of bone and secure their position with screws, pins, plates. Occasionally a bone graft is used.
• Hardware Removal

Unicompartmental Knees

This procedure is common with people who suffer from Osteoarthritis (which contributes to the wear and damage of cartilage). Unicompartmental Knees are basically half a Total Knee, and are indicated when only one side, either the Medial or Lateral side is affected.